About Us

eHOMEandGARDEN.net was founded in the year 2012 by a group of enthusiastic individuals who wanted to share their enthusiasm for home and garden design with the rest of the globe. The creators were a group of designers, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts who saw a gap in the market for high-quality online materials for consumers looking to improve their living spaces.

They started with a basic blog where they shared tips and ideas on numerous home and garden issues like interior design, landscaping, and outdoor living. The site immediately grew in popularity, with readers commenting and sharing their own thoughts and experiences.

As the site developed in popularity, the founders wanted to broaden their offerings and provide a more comprehensive resource for homeowners and gardeners. They started by adding articles, tutorials, and how-to guides on topics ranging from choosing the correct paint colors to creating your own raised garden beds.

To ensure that the site’s content was of the greatest quality, the creators enlisted the assistance of professionals ranging from interior designers to horticulturists. These professionals offered articles and guidance to the website, providing visitors with a wealth of expertise and experience.

When eHOMEandGARDEN.net expanded, it evolved into more than just a website; it evolved into a community. Readers would share their own advice and thoughts in the comments area, resulting in an instructive and encouraging debate.

eHOMEandGARDEN.net is still a valuable resource for those wishing to improve their living areas. The site has grown to include a number of features, such as a photo gallery exhibiting magnificent house and garden designs and social networks where readers can connect and discuss their own experiences.

eHOMEandGARDEN.net has become a great resource for anyone wishing to create a beautiful and comfortable home or garden thanks to the passion of its creators and the efforts of its community.