Above ground swimming pools have become quite popular in recent years and are sold in large numbers annually. Their popularity has increased as above ground pools are less expensive, maintenance free, portable and can be easily setup without requiring any professional help. Another factor is that these pools are safer for children and pets, as they can be prevented from accidentally falling into the water, by removing the ladder, while the pool is not in use. Yet, one disadvantage of above-ground pools is that they might appear unsightly or out of place in a backyard environment. Above ground pool decks can help with this.

Above ground pool decks can be a terrific way to add style as well as functionality to your above ground pool. In this post, we’ll look at the different types of above ground pool decks available, the advantages of installing one, and recommendations for building a deck that meets your personal needs and stylistic preferences.

The advantages of installing above ground pool decks

Above ground pool decks not only enhance the beauty of your pool but also provide you with extra space to sunbathe, dine and lounge with your family by the poolside. These structures also give you an option to eliminate the requirement of a ladder to climb the pool area.

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Types of above ground pool decks available

There are various types of above ground pool decks to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some of the most prevalent varieties of above ground pool decks are as follows:

  • Portable deck: A portable deck for above ground pool is one that is not attached to the pool or the home and is usually created in a circular or oval configuration around the pool. It is often built at ground level and is readily moved or removed if necessary.
  • Attached Deck: An attached deck is built directly against the pool, usually on the same level as the pool. It can be built to wrap around the pool or to extend out from one side, allowing for a smooth transition from pool to deck.
  • Multi-Level Deck: A multi-level deck is made up of two or more platforms or levels that are connected by stairs or a ramp. This sort of deck might have seating areas, built-in planters, and other elements.
  • Wraparound Deck: A wraparound deck completely encircles the pool, offering ample area for sunning, mingling, and relaxing. It can include several access points, built-in seating, and other features.
  • Elevated Deck: An elevated deck is one that is built on stilts or posts and is usually accessed through a staircase or ladder. This sort of deck is great for sloping yards or regions with uneven ground.
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Difficulties in building above ground pool decks

The major difficulty encountered while constructing above ground pool decks, is that the design can get fairly complicated. The contractor may not fully understand the requirements or may have little choice in the available building materials. Also, there are very few design ideas available which are attractive and match your surroundings.

How to begin building above ground pool decks:

The first step should be to determine the type and location of the pool, the purpose of the pool deck, the style and the expected budget. Wood is the best material suited for above ground pool decks, as it is cost effective and a wooden deck can be easily dismantled when required. Wood can be cut in different sizes and placed accordingly to build above ground pool decks for pools of various sizes and shapes.

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The wooden above ground pool decks can be built in such a way that steps surround the pool on all sides. Along with the wooden steps, a privacy fence or a guardrail with an entry gate can also be constructed around the above ground pool deck for safety. If budget is a constraint, then one can consider above ground pool decks which do not circle the whole pool but cover a small area and provide smaller deck space such as a side deck. Also, ready-made pool decks are available but at a higher cost. If you construct the deck yourself by reading instruction guides, it will be a lot cheaper, though it is always better to get professional help.

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Apart from wood, other materials such as PVC, plastic, pressure treated wood and composite materials can also be used to build above ground pool decks. While building the pool deck you can extend it further to attach it to your house for easy access. You can also build double side decks one of which leads to the house while the other leads to your yard. In this case the platform of the deck can be connected together to be used for small walks from the house to the poolside and finally to the yard. LED lighting can also be added to the above ground pool decks along with the raised platform walkway for those romantic evening walks! These are just a few ideas which will help you to decide whether to build your own above ground pool decks and decorate them to beautify your whole yard.





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