After a tiring day at work, do you feel like relaxing your mind and sometimes wish you could go on a vacation? Ever imagined that your backyard could become your favorite destination? By reading the following backyard patio ideas you can transform your backyard into a personal natural heaven. You can put uniquely designed patio furniture which blends with the overall natural setting of the garden, for example use teak to go with a tropical garden or rot iron with a flower garden. One can even go with a more contemporary look with concrete architecture, blending red bricks, slate, mortar etc. You can create a mini waterfall, with its flowing waters coming down over natural rocks to form a pond and use pebbles to line brick paths.

Things to remember while considering new backyard patio ideas:

Today our patios are no longer very small but are growing in size, as we all understand the importance of open spaces. What we should all keep in mind is that our backyard is as important as the house and we should divide it up into separate living areas. These living areas could be organized to form a banquet area, a lounging area and maybe a bar area or they can be simply divided as per a specific theme, for example: an Indian-inspired area with a pond and elephants on the sides, a woodland area with a rock retaining wall blocks and an French-country-inspired section with a gazebo.

When decorating or thinking about new backyard patio ideas, there are a variety of things to consider, as a result it’s easier if we go step by step. Foremost, the thing that you need to settle on is the usage of space and the time and money you would be willing to invest on the space available to you. Subsequently, you need to carefully calculate the space available to you for your plants, the furniture you want to put there and the various accessories you want to use and finally you should make a list and go to the market to make your purchases.

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The first step involved in creating your patio involves the usage of space. You have to ask yourself questions like, to what purpose you want to design your patio? Do you wish to create a nice romantic spot for you and your spouse or do you wish to have an open-air play area for your children? Perhaps you wish to host fun and elegant parties in your patio for all of your friends and neighbors. If you have a reasonably large area, the other option may be to create multiple living spaces in your backyard. You can create play areas for your children and have elegant and beautiful spaces for the adults. Your options for great backyard patio ideas are endless! Think of your empty space as an artist’s blank canvas, where you can create whatever you have ever dreamt or wished for. Nonetheless, don’t forget to create a practical budget before embarking on an overly ambitious project. Sometimes, simple and elegant is much better than ending up with a half-finished garden that cannot be completed because of budget crunches.

Great Backyard Patio

When you have decided about the usage of space and decided on the budget, it is of the utmost importance that the space is measured and a layout plan is created. Don’t put too much stuff out there, if you do, the place would end up looking messy and chaotic. A floor plan will make it easy for you to decide how much furniture and accessories your space can handle and how big they need to be. A floor plan in the initial stages of planning enables you to decide whether you have enough space for things like a waterfall, swing set, etc. A floor plan also eases your shopping.

When recreating your patio and pondering new backyard patio ideas, be sure to keep in mind the amount of sunlight falling on your yard. You should always seek advice from your neighborhood gardener or home improvement store on the plants you can sow under direct sunlight, or part sun and what plants need to be entirely in the shade. Always keep in mind that it is best to plant shrubs and trees that grow naturally in your region. These plants will be easier to cultivate and maintain, requiring less fertilizers and water as they are environmentally smarter.

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When considering backyard patio ideas, the trend today is patios made with more endurable, natural-looking materials, such as natural stone and concrete pavers. While the idea of establishing a patio normally brings to mind images of hard solid slabs, there is an assortment of materials available in the market today in different colors, shapes and sizes. Natural stone patios might be created from slate, flagstone or field-stone. You can also choose from diverse selections of brick or pea gravel.

flagstone patio gray sisson landscapes 4452

For those of you who still wish to go for concrete, the market today offers a wide range of staining and stamping techniques that can transform your patio into something different and improve the look of conventional concrete. A tropical look would look best with teak furniture. Also teak can withstand extreme weather and look as beautiful and shiny as ever. A teak gazebo may be expensive, but it is a worthy investment as it adds character to your garden and can be easily moved around from time to time for different looks, in case you get bored. But wood can also have its disadvantages as it is less flexible. If you buy something, there is very little that you can do to change it. The advantage of wood is that there is hardly any rubble or clutter and it gives an earthy and subtle look to your garden.

When you think about shape, a patio today can fit in well with the organic, down-to-earth look of natural stone and pavers. Most people in the market prefer natural curving shapes in place of hard edges in their patio design. They also prefer soft-scape features and layout which include flowers, plants, shrubs, etc. to compliment and highlight their garden beds, ponds etc. Your backyard patio ideas can incorporate patio umbrellas during the preliminary stages of planting to protect the saplings from the sun. However, you should remove them when your plants are fully developed and able to provide you with the shade. A wooden umbrella though, will enhance your decor and make it look stylish. It would also provide you the protection you may require to stay out in the hot or rainy days to care for your plants.

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During the placement of your outdoor furniture and applying new backyard patio ideas be sure to consider the surrounding view. If your neighborhood is blessed with a view of the mountains or the ocean, be sure your guests can enjoy the beauty. Don’t sweat if your neighborhood is jam-packed with homes and the best view is of your own house! Just close your eyes and think about what area of your garden you would desire to look at when sitting in your porch and your guests would surely enjoy the same view.

The last and most fun part of this adventure is shopping! I would again remind you the importance of making a budget and following it. You can easily get carried away when you are browsing the internet or walking through your local home improvement store. You must restrain impulsive buys and pre decide the supplies and accessories.

Check the following video to get more backyard patio ideas for placement and layout in your yard:

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