A cantilever umbrella also known as an offset umbrella is increasingly being used for protection from the burning summer sun. While lounging outdoors, cantilever umbrellas can be installed in your garden lawn, pool deck or patio to provide shade throughout the day. The umbrella canopy is flexible and can be turned in any direction. The construction of a cantilever umbrella is different from a traditional umbrella, where the supporting pole is located in the center of the canopy. In a cantilever umbrella the supporting post is to the side of the canopy hence the name offset umbrella. A rotating arm is connected to the side support, which can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the canopy according to the direction of the sun.

Square cantilever umbrella

Features of a cantilever umbrella:

As stated above, flexibility and stability are the main characteristics of a cantilever umbrella. Given that the side support in these type of umbrellas is fixed, there is less risk of the umbrella toppling over in moderate windy conditions. Some models also come with a facility to fill the base with water or sand to make it heavy for more stability. However, cantilever umbrellas should not be installed in places where there are chances of very strong winds, like beaches. The persistent windy conditions might cause damage to the umbrella frame. The height of the cantilever umbrella can also be altered by adjusting the cranking system at the base of the support.


The canopy in a cantilever umbrella is made up of durable fabric. It can have vents so that there is a free flow of air to prevent wind pressure from damaging the frame. Some high-end models have a tilt mechanism with which you can make additional adjustments to the angle of the canopy. The canopy in these umbrellas comes in various shapes, colors and sizes to suit various needs and budgets.

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Before purchasing a cantilever umbrella one must check the type of fabric used, the quality of dye and the material of the frame. When these umbrellas are exposed to sun for long periods, they are susceptible to fading. Hence, always buy the fabric and color which come with a warranty. The frame material should be corrosion resistant, strong and lightweight like anodized aluminum as the umbrella would be placed outdoors.

Instant Shade Versa UX Cantilever Umbrella Full Black

Advantages of a cantilever umbrella:

The biggest advantage of a cantilever umbrella over a traditional umbrella is the unique design, which does not require a hole in the table for positioning. It can be used anywhere irrespective of table design and seating positions. In a traditional umbrella the center table took up most of the shaded area and the seated area received only partial shade. In addition, moving the umbrella becomes easier by simply rotating the canopy around the side pole.

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These type of umbrellas offer more choice as they are available with features such as a base foot pedal for easy rotation, additional side tilt, etc. Moreover, since a cantilever umbrella does not need a center table with a hole for support, it can be installed at any place in your garden such as a poolside, patio, sidewalk or a garden deck.

Coolaroo Brampton 3x4m Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella 3 2048x2048

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patioumbrella 2048px 10001

hero horiz Royal Garden Cantilever Outdoor Patio Umbrella 1 1076a0f73b8b46d083d939e154ee10f3



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