Investing in fireplace mantel kits is a decision, which needs to be made carefully. Whether it is to replace an old fireplace mantel or install a new one, such decisions affect time and money. Fireplaces, indoors or outdoors usually give a feeling of warmth and comfort besides imparting an aesthetic value to one’s living space. You can further beautify your fireplace by installing additional fireplace accessories such as mantel surrounds and shelves. These accessories can be custom designed to suit your style and match the decor of the fireplace surroundings.

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Fireplace mantel kits come in a wide range of designs and materials, therefore you need to make a choice considering important factors like overall look and size of the room, surrounding firebox, etc. For example, a modern mantel design will not suit the fireplace, which has large stony surrounding firebox. Whether replacing your old or broken fireplace mantel or simply changing the existing look of the mantelpiece can be done by using simple tools and easy to follow instruction guide, which comes along with the fireplace mantel kits.


Benefits of purchasing fireplace mantel kits:

Wood fireplace surroundBuying a fireplace mantel kit ensures that you get all the items at one place, which saves both time and money. You won’t need to purchase the materials separately and need not worry about incompatibility between different items. If the company you are purchasing from does not have the size to fit your fireplace, then you can get the design customized to suit your needs. The cost of fireplace mantel kits varies depending on the material and design complexity. Wood fireplace mantels with intricate carvings are the most expensive while unfinished mantels made of MDF (medium-density fibreboard) are one of the least. If you have a low budget you can go for a fireplace mantel shelf instead of installing a complete surround mantel or an unfinished mantle. However, unfinished fireplace mantels need to be painted after the installation is complete.

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Fireplace mantel kitAnother advantage of purchasing kits is that since these fireplace mantel kits are pre-cut and pre-assembled, you will get it in a ready to install package. This will save both time and effort as you need not build the entire fireplace mantel from scratch. These kits can be installed on both stone and brick fireplaces. Traditional fireplace mantels in older homes can also be replaced with a modern and sleek mantel design. You can also install a mantel shelf and place some beautiful decorative adornments. The designs available for fireplace mantel kits range from simple to highly ornamental and artistic patterns. You can choose from various colors and styles depending on the aesthetic feel you would like to give to your living room.

Tips on installing fireplace mantel kits:

Simple fireplace mantel surroundFireplace mantel kits come with instructional guides, which are simple to follow. Before selecting the kit you will need to measure the fireplace inner width and length. This will be of help in case the manufacturer doesn’t have the required size. You can get the specific fireplace design customized to your specifications. It is recommended to place a buffer (made up of fiber board or similar) in between the floor and the fireplace hearth before you begin. This will prevent any damage to the surrounding floor during the installation process. Make sure you start installing the hearth portion first and then add other decoration layers. Another good practice is to lay the complete kit on the floor according to the approximate position of the fireplace. It is important to allow each layer to dry completely before beginning the next layer.

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Elegant fireplace mantel kitsIt is necessary to keep in mind that the hearth facing material is non combustible, while installing fireplace mantel kits. Read the safety considerations in the instruction guide carefully before going ahead with the installation. Finishing is very important to get the final look of the mantel installation. If the kit comes with a finish, then you should apply the finish only after ensuring that all adhesive has dried up completely. A removable tape can be applied to places where you feel that paint might spill over while painting. At least two to three coats of paint should be applied and rough surfaces should be smoothed using a sandpaper. Finally, if things become complex or difficult to handle then you can always consult a professional!

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