Have you ever imagined your neighbor visiting your house and telling you how great your garden is? How refreshing does it feel when you halt your car in front of a residence with a truly blooming floral garden? We as garden enthusiasts, not only want to improve our surrounding environment by planting flowers, but also want our visitors to be delighted by our hard labor. This job however is not easy, I am sure many of you would have already experienced. Flower gardens require lots of planning and preparation. One can find a range of information on flower gardening which can help in steering a future gardener. Given below are a few simple flower garden ideas that I have learned the hard way that would help you grasp the basics of planting flowers.

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It is essential to incorporate a wide range of plants while planning a flower garden as that would make sure that the garden stays colorful all year round. All flowers don’t bloom at the same time. Flowers have seasons. At one time of the year it may be off season for one type of flower species while it could be bloom time for the other plant type. So, planting a variety ensures that there are at least a couple of flowers blooming in your garden at any given time. Therefore to conceive well-designed flower garden ideas and make the garden lively throughout the year we must choose the flower species that blossom in various seasons. It is also very important to note before purchase, that the selected plant varieties should be adaptable to the regional climate of the area where they will be planted.

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Flower Garden Ideas – Categories of Flowers

Flowers can be categorized into two main groups. The first group is called annuals as they are seasonal and will blossom in a particular season, once a year. They do not flower after their season is over. Annual flowering plants usually have very beautiful colors and for this reason they should be included in your gardening plan. Another advantage of this group is that there are lots of varieties to choose from and they do not require much care. These plants can be grown in small spaces like baskets and containers, but for bigger gardens they can be cultivated around the border to enhance the beauty of the garden.

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One must also keep in mind the areas under direct sunlight and areas in shade before planting flowers. A lot of gardens have limited shade conditions because of obstructions that limit the amount of sunlight available to flowers and plants. There are a variety of flowers available like shade flowers and part shade flowers like Astilbe and bat flower, which can be planted in full Shade to partial shade areas.

The other type of flowering plants with a larger lifespan extending several years are called perennials. These are more popular and ought to be included in your flower garden ideas. The major advantage of this type of flowering plants is that they don’t need to be re-planted unlike annuals. Perennial flowering plants consist of thick shrubs, tall flowering shoots and large flowering trees. They don’t need continuous maintenance and can sustain your garden for a number of years with little planning, provided they are protected well from sun depending on individual plant class.

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Specialty flower gardens are also becoming a popular choice for a flower garden, especially rose and flower bud gardens without which your flower garden ideas remain incomplete. Rose gardens are liked by many flower enthusiasts and its presence is a must for all types of flower gardens. Rose is a tender plant and believed by many to be a tricky affair to cultivate, but one can manage it with proper care and a little assistance from professionals. Flower buds are the structures on the plant that enclose an underdeveloped flower. They can be purchased in bulk at a low price and are long lasting. The buds remain dormant during winters to adapt to the surrounding environment and it’s a must for ample flowering.

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Understanding various types of plants is necessary to design your flower garden. You must include species of plants which will blossom in different seasons so that the garden remains vibrant throughout the year. Plant a mixture of annuals and perennials with one or more flowering buds which are easy to cultivate in local climatic conditions. Working on the above flower garden ideas will ensure, you enjoy the fragrance and charm of your efforts whenever you walk into your flower garden.

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Check the following video to get some more flower garden ideas about how to create a garden full of blooming flowers.

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Insanely Beautiful Courtyard Garden Ideas 01 1 Kindesign

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