Have you or your family members ever slipped and fell down the stairs? Accidentally falling down the stairs is one of the leading causes for unintentional death. How do you prevent this? The best solution would be to install non slip stair treads. The risk of tripping and falling significantly increases on a wet stairway. Stairways, especially outdoor staircases are at higher risk of getting wet owing to high humidity, rain, snow, etc. The danger of slipping increases when the friction between the shoe and the stair decreases. Non slip stair treads improve foot traction which helps prevent slips and falls.

non slip black stair treads for a timber step structure

Features of non slip stair treads:

A variety of non slip stair treads are available in the market these days. You can choose from different designs and colors, which suit your surroundings. The materials used for treads also vary depending on different manufacturers. The core material for metallic treads may comprise of aluminum, stainless or galvanized steel with anti slip coating. Most of the manufacturers will give a residential lifetime warranty as these treads are resistant to weather changes and have a long life. The anti slip coating works even when wet or dirty and is usually painted bright yellow for high visibility. Its best to purchase treads which are outlined with reflective strips that glow in the dark for good visibility at night.

54 non slip decking strips make steep steps and stairways safer

Vinyl or rubber non slip stair treads is a good option for budget conscious home owners. Vinyl treads are more durable than rubber treads.

Anti slip stair rubber mat


These types of treads can be easily cleaned and replaced when damaged. However, one disadvantage is that they are not appealing to look at and may not suit your home decor. Most of the anti slip treads have an anti skid foam or latex back which can be adhered to the steps for a strong grip. Most metal non slip stair treads have pre-drilled holes and are easy to install.

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Benefits of non slip stair treads:

Apart from non slip stair treads there are many other anti skid solutions for your staircases. Carpeting, non slip paint and non slip tapes are some options you can consider. Nevertheless, metallic non slip stair treads have many advantages over these options. Carpeted anti slip treads are available which are suitable for indoor staircases, as they will match with the color and decor of your interiors. However, carpet treads are not durable as they absorb dust, dirt, moisture and have to be cleaned regularly. Apart from this, they can stain easily and are not suitable for outdoor stairs. Anti slip tape may be the cheapest option but they can peel off as the adhesive loosens over a period of time. Non slip paint is a permanent solution for outdoor as well as indoor wooden staircases. However, the paint can’t be removed later and you have to ensure it matches the surroundings well.

Metal non slip stair treads with rubber liningMetallic non slip stair treads have an advantage that they are resistant to weather changes and need not be replaced frequently. They are suitable for most types of staircases and ramps like wood, concrete, etc. They do not fade or rust and provide protection to the underlying hardwood thereby extending the life of the wooden steps. With easy installation, these non slip treads can be installed in any type of stairways such as deck, ramps, basement, porch steps, garden steps, boat docks, etc. These treads can be easily removed when not required and reinstalled again in case you need to change the design. Therefore, along with providing protection for your family, guests, children and pets these non slip stair treads will also furnish a new look to your existing staircase.

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garden landscape steps fitted with anti slip stair treads

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anti slip stair treads

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