Using recycled pallets is a great way to build Pallet Furniture. It will also fit in your budget. Pallets are flat structures, fixed using straps, pallet collar or adhesive. They are used to store, transport goods and products. They protect the materials stored inside the structure from damage caused during transport. Pallets are composed of different materials. Wood pallets are the most common. You can use wood pallets to save money on your home furniture. Use wood pallets for your DIY pallet furniture. They are stiff and durable. Wood pallets are of two types, softwood and hardwood. Softwood pallets are the cheapest. They can be discarded after the goods reach the final destination. Hardwood block pallets are costlier. These maybe resold or returned to the source after use.

One must be cautious before using pallet wood for home furniture. Pallets are treated with chemicals, fungicides or pesticides by the transport companies. If you are not sure of pallet quality, keep food items away from the furniture. You can paint or coat the used pallets for safety. Paint will also make it look beautiful.


How to find inexpensive wood pallets

You can look for discarded wood pallets in construction sites, warehouses, transport companies, etc. You can ask the respective site in-charge regarding the purchase of used pallets. Your neighbor’s backyard or the  hardware stores may also yield results.  Some business houses will be more than happy to get rid of them. They may not charge you for it. Lumber yards, mills, storage houses have an excess of by-products that are a waste for them. You can contact them directly. You may get a good deal as these used pallets are likely to end up in a garbage dump.

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Classified ads are another place where you might come across business houses disposing off pallet by-products. Old wooden crates is another type of material you can use. These crates are often used as shipping containers for various goods and thrown away. At times you may get inferior quality pallets. You can use these to build furniture like a garden shed, garden swing, shoe rack, etc. You can also safely use them for backyard fence, pet house and raised garden beds.

Advantages of reusable pallets for pallet furniture

There are many advantages of using reusable pallets. Some of these are:

  • more-pallet-ideasGood physical workout – Breaking down used pallet boards using a claw hammer is a great exercise. It helps in building body strength and stamina. This will come in handy when you are trying to take apart hundreds of pallet boards for your wood pallet furniture.
  • Economical – It is hugely satisfying when you have saved hundreds of dollars on furniture. You will get the look of brand new furniture with reused material.
  • Recycling – Reusing wood is the greatest way to preserve our environment. Seeing your work, the idea will spread. People will want to use used pallets for furniture. This will help spread awareness about recycling. This in turn will conserve the natural resources.

Design ideas for your pallet furniture projects

People have built some very exciting furniture with used wood pallets. For example, coffee tables, picnic tables, sofa sets, low pallet beds, etc. These can look amazing with a glass top and wheels attached for mobility.

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The indoor furniture range can include the following:


  • Kids pallet beds
  • Pallet racks
  • Pallet book shelves
  • Pallet hangers
  • Pallet shoe racks
  • Pallet chairs
  • Bedside pallet tables
  • Pallet stools
  • Pallet game table
  • Pallet headboards
  • Low lying tables
  • Kitchen shelves
  • Storage crate shelves
  • Pallet cabinets
  • Pallet wall partitions
  • Pallet DVD rack
  • Pallet picture frames
  • Pallet wine rack
  • Pallet flooring

Outdoor furniture range can include the following:

  • pallet-pathway-for-your-backyardPallet kids play sandbox
  • Garden fencing
  • Pallet mailbox
  • Porch seating
  • Garden deck
  • Pallet garden shed
  • Pallet compost bins
  • Pallet container garden
  • Pallet flower garden
  • Pallet bench
  • Pallet greenhouse
  • Pallet garden deck
  • Pallet garden walkway
  • Pallet tree bed
  • Pallet wall garden
  • Pallet dog bed
  • Pallet herb garden
  • Pallet bike stand
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