Many of you must be considering using precast concrete pavers for your outdoor areas such as patios, walkways and driveways. Pavers are available in different sizes and shapes, so one can choose many paver patterns and designs depending on one’s personal likes. Some paver patterns are quite common because of their unique look while others are more robust due to their layout. While mortar is generally used to fill the spaces in between pavers, soil, gravel or various types of grasses can also be used.


Factors affecting the choice of paver patterns:

The laying style of the paver patterns determines the final look of the path or walkway. Laying pavers at an angle is more popular these days as they create an elegant look, for example, the 45 degree herringbone pattern. The running direction of the pavers can give an impression of visual increase or decrease in overall area of the path, for instance, a pattern running along the width of the path will make it appear wider. Also, if you are planning a pattern for a strong bond like for the driveway, then choose a pattern where maximum interlocking is present. Some examples are the basket weave, pinwheel and herringbone patterns which are considered as strong.


Cost is another factor which will decide the final pattern you will choose. If budget is a constraint then, you should go for a design which does not involve a lot of cutting. Cutting increases cost of installation and wastage. Usually curvy patterns will involve a lot of cutting. Simple paver patterns like running bond pattern can be used if you have a low budget. Many patterns require pavers to be cut in half but instead you can go for square pavers, if available. This would save cutting expenses.

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Backyard patio

The size of the area which you want covered with pavers, will also help in deciding the final design. Since complex paver patterns make an area look smaller, they are most suitable for large outdoor flooring. Paver size and shape also affect the overall look of the area. For smaller spaces you can opt to go for large smooth light colored pavers with simple patterns. For bigger yards you can mix pavers of various shapes, sizes and maybe even colors, to create beautiful looking geometric paver patterns.


Given below are some common paver patterns:

Herringbone Pattern – This ‘V’ shaped pattern can be laid at an angle of 45 or 90 degrees. Since interlocks in this pattern create a very strong bond, this pattern is ideally suited for heavy traffic.

Herringbone angular brick pattern


Modified herringbone pattern






Circular Pattern – This pattern is suitable for surrounding fountains, firepits and other garden features with pavers lined in a circular fashion. The gaps need to be filled with mortar or sand.





Basket Weave Pattern – In this type of pattern, the pavers alternate between vertical and horizontal sets. You can add pavers with different colors to create a historic vintage look. This is a very simple pattern suitable for any space or patio.

Basket weave brick pattern




European Fan Pattern – This beautiful pattern resembling a hand fan is quite popular in European countries, but it is difficult to lay.





Stretcher Bond Paver Pattern – Another popular, easy to lay pattern and good for small constrained areas is the Stretcher Bond Pattern. It gives a feel of more space as the pavers used are of large size.

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Running Bond Pattern – This simple design which is similar to stretcher bond, pavers are laid side by side but the bricks used are smaller with uneven seams in between.

Running bond vertical pattern






Stack Bond – This pattern is used mostly for decorative purpose, but the bonding is quiet weak.

Stack bond pattern




Pinwheel pattern – This pattern requires some cutting but gives an interesting look when finished.

Pinwheel pattern design

Multicolor Patio Pavers


meyer landscape paving stones paver fire patio

dogwood paver patio design 01 01 846x604 1





Patio Pavers Main Pic

patio pavers brick standard ce85a62b7795833d9d87a418c563e5ec

brick patio suburban home


ARJ Landscape Columbus Ohio Fire Under The Stars 13 1


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