Most people these days have ponds as a part of their yards. However, many are not aware of pond liners. A pond liner is a very important part of the pond, which prevents the water from escaping into the surrounding soil. There are many types of pond liners available in the market. A preformed pond liner is considered ideal for small-size ponds because of its quick and easy installation. For large or medium sized ponds, flexible liners are a better option. These can be transported easily and are not limited by size or shape.

Features of a preformed pond liner

A preformed pond liner is usually made up of plastic or fiberglass whereas flexible pond liners can be made of various materials such as EPDM, Polyethylene, PVC, etc. Many homeowners prefer installing preformed pond liners made up of fiberglass as they can be mounted easily. Covering the fiberglass pond liners is a difficulty faced by many and is a major disadvantage of these types of liners. This type of liner gives a natural look to the pond and is also resistant to punctures. Fiberglass preformed pond liner is made up of non toxic material and will also not harm the fish in your pond. Another drawback is that a customized or preformed pond liner is difficult to transport and this adds to the delivery cost. Flexible pond liners need to be protected from sharp objects as they can be damaged easily.

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A pond liner to a pond is like a foundation to a building. It prevents accumulation of silt, dirt at the bottom of the pond. Whether it’s a flexible or a preformed pond liner, both will prevent you the headache of a concrete lining. To install a preformed pond liner all you need to do is dig a big hole in the yard, which matches with the size of the liner you purchased. After that just set the preformed pond liner into the hole. Fill it up with water and add some aquatic plants and its ready. Fiberglass is very durable whereas flexible pond liners usually become stiff during cold weather.

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Things to consider before purchasing a preformed pond liner

Flexible pond linerBefore purchasing a preformed pond liner some important points should be kept in mind. The amount of space you have, the budget you are willing to spend and how much time you have. In addition, a power source should be nearby for the operation of water filter and pump. You also need to consider the depth of the pond as various fish require a minimum specified depth.  If you do not have space for fish, then you can consider adding aquatic plants. Do check for the warranty of the liner you purchase. Fiberglass pond liners usually last a lifetime, whereas flexible liners should come with a warranty of at least ten years.

Preformed Pond Liner used as a playscape!Preformed pond liner is also suitable for raised or semi raised ponds. Smaller sized preformed pond liners can also be used to construct water fountains for your garden. After installation is complete you should make sure that the lip of the pond is well supported by packing it with back fill such as rocks or pebbles.

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