Thinking of changing you’re worn-out interior doors? Why not do it yourself? Use new prehung interior doors, as these are easier to install than slab door retrofitting. If you think your doors need a style change or have been damaged or gotten stuck while opening, you may need to replace them.

Prehung interior doors are the best option to consider as these doors come with the frame, molding, hinges, and other required hardware in, an all-in-one package. Instead of buying a plain slab door and hiring a professional carpenter to mount the door on the frame, you can now just buy a prehung door and install it yourself. If your door frame is intact and in perfect condition purchasing a door slab of the same size as that of the old one would be the cheaper option. However, if your door frame is damaged, or irregular or you just want to change the door design, then you should go for a prehung interior door.

prehung interior doors

Basic features and benefits of prehung interior doors:

Installing prehung doorsThere is a large variety of prehung interior doors available in the market. Some of these include six-panel, single doors, double doors, unfinished, pre-finished, hollow core, full core, etc. Most of them are priced in the range of $40 to $700. These packaged doors can be purchased from most hardware stores. Since pre-hung interior doors are manufactured in standard sizes, you may need to get them customized according to the size of the door opening in your home. The door frames usually tend to deform over some time, hence even contractors recommend installing prehung interior doors even if the door frame seems to be in a good condition. You can replace your old plain door frames with fashionable and appealing molding designs. This will also help if you want to redesign your home interiors.

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The installation of prehung interior doors is easier since most of the tricky work has already been done by the manufacturer. The door slab comes pre-hinged to the door frame with proper alignment and spacing. The doors already have door stops attached and holes have been pre-drilled for the attachment of door knobs and locks. All this will save you time and money. The installation of prehung interior doors, however, does require careful shimming to ensure that the door moves freely without rubbing or scratching.

Tips to install prehung interior doors:

Levelling prehung interior doorsBefore ordering your prehung interior doors it is very important to accurately measure the size of your pre-existing door, the type of swing (in-swing or out-swing), and the type of flooring. You will need to determine the height and width of the door opening, the thickness of the door slab along with the thickness of the wall. After receiving the complete package you should read the instructions carefully. If the door is unfinished you should paint it before you begin the installation. Now comes the part where you will remove the existing door casing from the wall. Make sure you have all the required tools such as a pry bar, utility knife, measuring tape, tapered shims, nails, screws, hammer, and other hardware. Remove the door casing and hinges, then the door slab, and subsequently separate the existing frame from the wall using a pry bar.

While vertically placing the prehung interior doors it is very important to have an extra pair of hands as the door frame can get damaged while lifting. You should also remember to cut the shims carefully and place them accordingly to make sure the door is level and swings freely. Always nail the top of the door jamb first and then continue downwards while maintaining a constant level. The best time to replace or install prehung interior doors is when you are redoing your flooring or removing your drywall or remodeling your rooms.

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Cost to install prehung interior door

The cost of installing a prehung door varies depending on several factors, including the kind and size of the door, the location, and the complexity of the installation. On general, the cost of installing a prehung door might range from $100 and $500, including labor and materials.

The installation cost of a basic interior prehung door may range between $100 and $150, however an exterior prehung door installation may cost more due to additional elements such as weatherproofing and security measures. Furthermore, if the installation necessitates changes to the door frame or the wall, the cost may rise proportionately.

To get a more accurate quotation for your specific installation needs, it’s always a good idea to seek multiple quotes from competent technicians.


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