Does your screened porch give you a cold and a dull feeling? You can transform the appearance of your screened porches with a small effort. Some screened porches can become quiet boring, for example, if the ceiling and flooring of a screened porch is painted white then it gives a very uninviting look. You should paint it with rich and vibrant colors so that it gives a welcoming feel. The colors should be chosen wisely as dark colors tend to make a space look smaller. You should consider including shades of reds, greens and yellows for paneling and ceiling.

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Screened porches interiorTips on improving the interiors of screened porches:

Screened porches and patios are usually covered and are protected from harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you can get the flooring carpeted to get the warm feel. Choose a carpet, which can be cleaned easily and where dust is less likely to settle in between fibers. It is not recommended to choose very light colors for your carpet.


Screened porch wooden ceilingImprovised lighting can also be used to beatify screened porches. You can use table lamps, floor lamps and stringed lights to give a warm and a seductive feel. Stringed lights can be placed around artificial plants, which will give a stunning look to your porch area. In addition, you can use candlelight during special occasions. Choice of furniture can also enhance the look of your screened porches. Wooden or iron furniture with tough and long lasting fabrics can give your screened porches an outdoor appeal. You should avoid using plastic furniture.

Usage of screened porches:

Screened porch interior4Screened porches are less common than patios or balconies. Many homeowners would like to enjoy the outside view without being affected by weather conditions like rain and sun or even insects. Therefore, a screened porch is better. One can spend more time with nature while being protected from unpredictable weather. Such enclosed spaces in the house allow one to host entertainment parties or play indoor games without worries of cluttering your home. Besides, it can also be used as a play area for children to have fun. Screened porches also add more value to the house than an open porch.

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Outside view of a screened porchThe frame of your screened porch can be made up of aluminum or wood. The material should be chosen depending on the exterior design of the house. The size should also be decided considering the space available, budget, amount of furniture and number of people expected in gatherings. To ensure good air circulation throughout the screened porch you can consider installing a ceiling fan, which will be of help during a hot summer afternoon. You should definitely consider a screened porch for your house as screened porches provide a calm and relaxed environment which acts as a stress buster for your entire family.

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