Did you ever wish to have a dream design for your staircase? Spiral staircase kits will help you fulfill all your staircase needs whether it is a standard or a custom design. The kits are easily available and installation is not at all complicated. However, before making your purchase, make sure to look at all the features and chose the one best suited for your home.

Features of Spiral Staircase Kits:

Spiral staircase kits are available in various sizes and styles. Most of the staircase kits are made up of steel, wrought iron, wood or aluminum. Wooden staircase kits are likely to be more expensive but give an elegant look. You can also choose to have wooden treads with steel or aluminum handrails depending on your budget. After the installation is completed, you can paint the staircase with the color of your choice. Make sure to use oil-based enamel paint and avoid using latex paints. Many oil based paints contain rust inhibiting additives and are good for outdoor installations. Some non-galvanized spiral staircase kits are shipped along with the enamel primer coat. For galvanized staircase, you need to ensure that you allow it to weather before you paint.


Galvanized spiral staircase kits are suitable if you are planning to install the staircase at an outdoor location. Staircases with wooden treads should be avoided for outdoors especially near the seashore. These are likely to degrade by the effects of rain, snow and humidity. Before purchasing your staircase, it is important to measure the floor-to-floor height and deciding the diameter of the staircase. In addition, the hole in the ceiling should be two inches greater than the diameter of the staircase you purchase. The diameters should also conform to the building codes in the locality. Large width staircases, i.e. around 5 feet, are useful for carrying big sized items and comfortable for children and pets.

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Factors affecting your decision of going for Spiral staircase kits:

Spiral Staircase Kits with white enamelFirstly, you should check if the spiral staircase would match with the existing surroundings of your home. Spiral staircases have an advantage of saving large space depending on the incline of the slope, steep or gradual. A gradual slope would take up more area but it offers better safety and convenience for elderly and children. Spiral stairs are the best choice for expanding your living space such as building a raised study area, or addition of another room in the house. Spiral staircase kits are a cheaper alternative to traditional staircases hence good choice for low budget plans. Pre-assembled or standard spiral staircases are also available but they cost more and offer less customization.

Steel Spiral Staircase Kit with tread covering

Spiral stairs add to the aesthetic value of your house and could be installed outdoors or indoors. If the building codes in your area do not allow spiral stairs then it is better to install traditional stairs. You should always inspect the assembly parts after your spiral staircase kit has arrived and carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation process. Before your purchase do research on the available designs, sizes and durable materials which are good for long-term use. Finally and most importantly, do not select spiral stairs if you or any of your family members feel dizzy while moving in a circular motion!

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Genius 010 Spiral Staircase

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Double Stack Spiral Staircase in timberframe home

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