Many homeowners install a fence to demarcate a private area for relaxing or playing with pets and kids. Fences also provide security so that unwanted strangers or stray animals do not enter your property. The appearance of the fence depends on the type of fencing material you use. Wrought iron, bamboo, wood and vinyl fence panels are some of the materials available for building your own privacy fence. Wrought iron will give a more ornate look, while wooden fence will give a traditional feel. Bamboo fencing can be used along with other materials and can be installed on top of other fences. Another popular alternative material for fencing is aluminum, which is corrosion free and lightweight.

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Vinyl fence panels in comparison to other fencing materials

Wooden panels should preferably be avoided if the surrounding soil is damp and contains a lot of moisture, e.g. a riverside. This will cause the fence to rot over a period of time. Metallic fences should not be installed in places of extreme sunshine. Excessive sunlight causes the metallic fence to corrode over a period of time. Aluminum fences corrode over time, even with powder coating. They also require specialized tools for installation and are highly expensive. Vinyl fence panels are one of the best options you can consider, especially if you are looking for a bright white color. Vinyl fence panels are less expensive than decorative metal fence and easier to maintain as well. The vinyl panels are available in various sizes and can easily replace your existing fence.

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Advantages of vinyl fence panels

Vinyl fence panels are durable and even if a panel is damaged it can be replaced very easily with a matching panel. If you don’t like plain colors then you can get the vinyl fence panels colored with various textures to resemble wood or any other material which matches the exterior of your house. Cleaning a vinyl fence panel is very easy. Just spray it with water, without worrying about the metal corrosion and wood rotting.

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Allegheny Fence Panels

Vinyl fence panels do not need to be painted after installation. They are very robust and can withstand high winds and storms, making them resistant to any type of climate. Vinyl fence panels seem to be costlier than wood panels during installation, but in the long run you save money as they are durable and maintenance free. Stain resistant, non-toxic and non-flammable are some of the other properties of vinyl fence panels. This makes it completely safe for children and pets.

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Due to the high durability of vinyl fence panels, many manufacturers are willing to offer warranty, which is not the case with other fence materials. Vinyl fence panels should not be used for horse owners, as horses can exert great pressure on the panels which will move them out of place. Moreover, the costing would be quite high if you were to cover large pastures with the vinyl panels.

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