On a quiet Sunday morning in the suburban town of Oakwood, Indiana, a peculiar scene unfolded in the front yard of one resident’s home. Peter Wilson, a 32-year-old software engineer, had decided to play a prank on his neighbors by arranging dozens of garden gnomes in various poses around his yard. Little did he know that his innocent joke would cause a stir in the community and go viral on social media.

The incident took place at around 10 a.m. on April 23rd, 2022. Wilson had spent the previous night placing the gnomes in a variety of positions, such as sitting on a bench, lounging in a hammock, and even scaling a tree. He had no intention of causing harm or mischief, but simply wanted to bring a smile to his neighbors’ faces.

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“I thought it would be funny to see people’s reactions when they walked by and saw a bunch of gnomes scattered around my yard,” Wilson explained. “I never expected it to blow up like this.”

As the morning progressed, more and more people began to take notice of Wilson’s display. Some found it amusing and took photos, while others were confused or even disturbed by the sight of dozens of small, bearded statues lurking in the bushes. One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, called the police to report a possible burglary in progress.

garden gnome

“When I saw all those gnomes, I thought someone had broken into Peter’s house and left them there as a joke,” the neighbor said. “It was really alarming at first, but once I realized what was going on, I had to laugh.”

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The police arrived on the scene shortly thereafter, but quickly realized that no crime had been committed. However, they did advise Wilson to remove the gnomes to avoid any further confusion or disturbance. Wilson complied with the request, but not before taking a photo of the gnomes in their final positions.

He posted the photo to his personal Facebook page with the caption “Gnome invasion in Oakwood!” Within minutes, the post began to attract attention from his friends and followers. It was then shared to a local community group, where it quickly went viral.

some types of garden gnomes on a lawn

People from all over the area began to flock to Wilson’s yard to take photos and see the gnomes for themselves. Some even brought their own gnomes to add to the display. The commotion continued throughout the day, with cars and pedestrians clogging the street outside Wilson’s home.

“I never expected this kind of reaction,” Wilson said. “It’s crazy to think that a simple prank could turn into such a big deal.”

The story quickly spread to other social media platforms, with people sharing photos and videos of the gnomes and their various poses. Some even created their own memes and jokes based on the incident.

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As for Wilson’s neighbors, their reactions were mixed. Some found the whole thing hilarious, while others were annoyed by the crowds and noise. One neighbor, who also wished to remain anonymous, said that the gnomes were causing a traffic hazard.

“People are stopping their cars in the middle of the street to take photos, and it’s making it hard for us to get in and out of our driveways,” the neighbor said. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”

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Despite the complaints, Wilson said that he was happy to have brought some joy and laughter to his community, even if it was just for a brief moment.

“I never intended to cause any trouble or inconvenience,” he said. “I just wanted to do something silly and harmless. I’m glad that people were able to enjoy it, and I hope that it brightened their day a little bit.”

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